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Going for a new look? We'll give you the color, while keeping your hair healthy.

Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian Blowouts

Fight the frizz and add volume with our Brazilian Blowout treatment.

Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY

Adonai Beauty Salon has a passion for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. From keratin treatments to Brazilian Blowouts, we do it all. Our hair stylists are here to give you the fresh, new look that you've been seeking. We serve the best haircuts and highlights in Brooklyn, that are sure to leave you happy and coming back again. We can restore your hair’s health with a deep conditioning treatment, and return it to your original hair color after it has been discolored by harsh dyes or sun bleaching.

Each hairdresser at Adonai Beauty Salon is experienced with mixing and applying color to any type of hair. When it comes to hair coloring, our stylists are proficient at getting the precise color to match your expectations. Come visit our salon in Brooklyn, NY today for all your hair styling needs.



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